About Us

Rallio is more than a social media management technology. It’s a smarter, simpler way for brands to maximize social marketing efforts. Rallio technology provides a complete social media ecosystem allowing manufacturers, corporate brands and their locations, employees and customers to build a local community, share experiences and drive local business.

We’re the only social technology to manage your online brand. Yes, other platforms post content and show analytics, but only Rallio provides an all-in-one technology designed specifically for franchises and multi-location businesses.

We’re not just a technology company, however; we’re a content provider, too. If you need someone to create, manage and monitor your social media posts and online reviews, we have expert in-house writers and strategists to help you meet your goals. The Rallio Local division provides agency-style support services to help franchise locations manage their online reviews, advertise on social platforms, and grow their social media following. Request a demo today at rallio.com.